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Tweet to celebrate the book release of "WTF Are Men Thinking?"

He makes a beeline across a crowded room to talk to you. He laughs at your bad jokes, and you swap cute stories from your childhoods. You don't know if it's the wine or his influence, but you start to feel a little dizzy. After excusing himself to talk with someone else, he actually comes back at the end of the night to get your number...

... and a week later, he still hasn't called. What was he thinking? Why did he ask for your number if he knew he'd never get back in touch? If only you knew what was going on in his brain, you'd know whether to keep hoping, or to give up on him for good.

Well, ladies, we've got great news! A definitive new guide to the male mind, WTF Are Men Thinking? offers surpising new insight gathered from the minds of 250,000 men. According to the book's description, "it’s Dear Abby meets modern crowdsourcing, offering unexpected solutions to the mistakes women commonly make in their interactions with men."

To celebrate the book's recent release, we're throwing a Twitter party. Expect to glean all sorts of great man-mind tidbits, and gain answers to questions like, what personality trait are most men looking for? And, what is the biggest first-date deal-breaker?

Here are the party details:

When: Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. EST


Who: @YourTango and @WTFAMT will be hosting the party—follow both of us to keep up with all the great info!

How: When the party starts, search for #WTFMenThink in the Twitter search bar (make sure you select "All Tweets" to see everyone's tweets)! You can also use a tool such as TweetGrid to follow the conversation. To ask a question or post a response, you must include the hashtag #WTFMenThink in each of your tweets, or we won't see them.

Why: It's simple, really - WTF are men thinking about? You know you want to know. 

See you at the Twitter party!

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