The Wife As Co-conspirator?


What happens when the wife stays with her jerk of a husband?

I keep asking myself, "What is wrong with her?" Why was she with this man to begin with, and why did she stay longer than five minutes?
I'm sure some will say this is really none of my business, but I disagree. If it's in the news, on the news and every newsmagazine and talk show, then it's open for discussion.

They say he's "engaging" (Barbara Walters), "charming and fun" (Lesley Stahl), and he may be, but is that enough? I see a man who is cruel and unbelievably self-absorbed. He seems to have no soul.

But, for me, this is about her. I used to be a real admirer. She came from a family of faux-U.S. royalty, and chose to pursue her own career in the uber-competitive media business, although she could certainly afford not to work...or not to work hard if she didn't want to. And she was good at her job.
But I stopped being a fan when her randy husband --shortly after he announced his run for governor-- was accused by a group women of inappropriate behavior against them, and she held a press conference to deny their truth! I really believe she knew that her defense of him was dishonest and she willfully invalidated these women who were brave enough to come forth. They were called liars and I felt so sorry for them. Read more: