Rihanna Undresses Chris Brown & Makes Out With Him In Public

Rihanna and Chris Brown

Is this turbulent couple back together?

If Rihanna and Chris Brown aren't together, well they're certainly acting like they are and doing very little to hide it.

Allegedly, the ex-lovers who maintain a super-close relationship, were seen making out in public last night at a bustling New York City nightclub. According to E! online, Chris Brown arrived at the club first with his pal Bow Wow. Shortly after, Rihanna showed up, although she sat at a different table than Brown.

However, it wasn't long before they met up and started talking. Apparently, Brown "climbed over" his table to get to where Rihanna was. After that, things got pretty hot. According to another fellow club-goer, Rihanna removed Brown's shirt, and then they started dancing together. Soon after the dancing commenced, they started making out for all to see. 

We know that these two have a connection to each other that they can't seem to completely sever. In Rihanna's recent tell-all interview with Oprah, she said that she will always love Brown and still considers him a close friend. That's a difficult line to walk with an ex-boyfriend, especially one who's still serving probation for physically assaulting you, but seeing as Rihanna still has such strong feelings for him, it's no wonder that these two hotties can't help themselves when they're out in a sweaty, bumping nightclub.

After their night of dancing, the two left separately—Brown first and Rihanna five minutes later. And it seems they must have met up again after they left, as the two spent the following day relaxing in luxury together at the Gansevoort Hotel, where they were spotted leaving around 6pm and getting into the same SUV.

Tell us: What do you think of the rekindling of Chris Brown and Rihanna?

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