I'm Not Attracted To Him; Could I Ever Be?


If you're wondering whether attraction can develop over time, Julie Ferman can help!

Have you ever been introduced to a really nice guy who seems to be everything you're looking for in a partner, except for one thing — you aren't attracted to him?

Talk about a tricky situation. After all, you want to believe that attraction can develop over time, but if it doesn't, or if it can't, will he feel led on? Think Outside The Cafe: 5 Creative First Date Ideas

In this video, YourTango Expert Julie Ferman explains that when it comes to attraction developing over time, men and women are two very different animals. "I've been asking this question to men and women for twenty years: Have you ever met somebody that you were not attracted to initially, you got to know 'em and the attraction grew and before you knew it, you thought they were adorable?"

Want to find out how the two sexes answer this question differently? Check out the video above.