3 Cheap, Classy Date Ideas Around The Country

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When it comes to a first date, not every woman is going to be impressed by drinks and a burger.

3. Get Ballsy
Bundle contacted Emma Merkas, founder of $30 Date Night, for suggestions on cutting the costs of going on a date. And as she pointed out, one avenue to classy is through unique. "It doesn't take much imagination to take someone out for dinner and a movie," says Merkas. "If you’re looking to impress someone, the best way to do it is to use a little imagination."

For example, Merkas has a friend who takes women to the driving range to try golf. "He likes to see what they're like under pressure and whether they turn up in heels," she adds. "It's a good way to see someone's personality straight away."

As you might expect, our data shows that the top golf-crazy cities are sprinkled throughout the Sun Belt (FTR, Fort Worth, Texas has the most golfers, while Plano, Texas spends the most on golf per customer). But golf courses are everywhere, and the average total check is typically below $50.

You should check ahead to see if the courses near you offer 1) access to the general public and 2) a club house that serves drinks (as stated earlier, acceptable and necessary for any first date) or will allow you to bring some wine of your own if you're out on the green.

The golf outing may give you a chance to show off your skills (or, if golf isn’t your strong suit, then share some laughs) while you feel each other out. It's a fun, unique outing that she will be happy to tell her friends you suggested.

Written by Evan Dashevsky for Bundle.com

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