3 Ways To Increase Your Long Term Relationship


How can you keep that long term relationship going strong and avoid any bumps or future break ups?

hows the relationship? Things going well for the two of you? I am so glad to hear that Relationships always get rough after the first few months go by then the true test sets in to see how the two of you are really handling the relationship.

What do you do and who do you turn to when things have hit a pot hole after a year of being together? Its not like you know exactly how to handle your man's emotions when he is up set or ends up being distant from you. Your left sitting there wondering what it was that made him question the relationship and have thoughts about going any further down the road with you.

many of times this happens, when a couple have been together for 6 months or on, the 6 month mark tells a man if he really wants to continue onward or if he should pack his bags and head on out, its your job as the women to make sure his feelings drive those steaks in the ground and set camp with you.

When a man gets an uneasy feeling about a long term relationship he will get very leery about going onward, this has rarely any thing to do with you, at this point its more about him and his uneasy feeling he has that's what leads to a break up and your man not being in the relationship 100%.

I tell all my women friends that ask me for advice on this subject, that its your mans Love clock that is off, a man's Love clock is like his entire core of how he operates in a relationship.

When a women is unaware of a man's Love clock it severely hurts you for the long run, that's why when things got a bit bumpy you were left a little confused on why your man flipped a switch and wen't in a whole'nother direction on you.

His Love clock had a kink in it but you had no idea what was really making him operate in the relationship this whole time, so when it stopped working how are you to repair it?

You're going to find out very quickly about the Love clock, because without the right tools to repair it your man could be lost for ever leaving you single after a great long term relationship you had with him.

You can stop all of this from occurring with a couple small tweaks of his Love clock, to get it back in working order again.

There's more info on this blog about Love clock and long term relationship advice, take sometime to read it and bookmark it for your future relationship.

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Don't worry about your relationship being in danger right now your main focus has to be figuring out how to get your man's Love clock ticking for you again before its to late!!

Don't just brush this off like its not real, because I have seen a lot of women do this and they ended up lonely and single again because they let their man's Love clock just die without ever repairing it...

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