Love Bytes: Do You Have The Right Body Language?

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Plus, signs that you're emotionally unavailable.

Gowns are part and parcel of the vast wedding-industrial complex. The chiffon, lace and taffeta lobbies are so strong that no one will laugh you out of a room if you say something to the effect of, "It's not that expensive… my DAUGHTER can wear this at HER wedding someday!" A woman in Washington, D.C. has decided to pass her dress on to someone less fortunate. NICE! (Huffington Post)

New York schools have decided to do their part to get all of those teen pregnancy-themed shows off the air by providing Plan B to students. (TresSugar)

It's a major red flag when you start dating a girl who has no female friends. And, 10 other reasons to have lady friends (as a lady). (Glo)

Don't put stuff about your relationship on Facebook, ummkay? (TruTV)

What does his underwear say about him? (The Stir)

14 body language do's and don'ts. (College Candy)

Do you bounce at the first sign of imperfection? You might be emotionally unavailable… (The Frisky)

Smiling is good, ladies. Do it more often. (The Gloss)

Dating in modern-day Libya is nowhere nearly as easy as you may have thought. (The Daily Beast)

Do not give your work husband conjugal rights, please. (LearnVest)

How to stop and help a victim of domestic violence. (Betty Confidential)

Everyone has cold feet before getting married, right? (eHarmony)

Does "take it to the next level" mean using the bathroom with the door open? (HowAboutWe)

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