Car Confessions: 27 True Tales Of Love On The Road

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From humorous to heartfelt, we've collected 27 stories about love and the open road.

Acts of caring
25. My current boyfriend and I were driving in Ohio during a really big, bad storm. The wind was pushing the car, and it was literally a white-out of rain. All the traffic pulled on the side of the road to wait it out! As time went on, the storm became worse, and soon hail joined the rain and wind pelting his car. I'm absolutely terrified of storms, and so even though I tried to hold it all in, I was whimpering and crying like a baby. Like any good boyfriend, my guy was comforting me. However, what happened next will stay with me forever. The windshield began to crack because of the hail, and my boyfriend (without even thinking) reached into the back seat, pulled out his wheelchair cushion, and propped it up on my side of the car, bracing it against the window. When I asked him what he was doing, he immediately replied, "If the window breaks, I'd rather it break on me." Thankfully the windshield certainly didn't break, and we were able to continue our road trip. However, his selfless act was certainly a highway highlight I'll never forget!

26. My boyfriend drives a truck and I always sit in the middle seat, so I'm close to him. He tells me the truck feels empty when I'm not there...

27. When you are with someone you care about, it doesn't matter that you took the wrong exit and have added an additional 3 hours to your trip... We still laugh about it.