The Cougar Files: Part 1


Ever wonder what it's like to be a Cougar?

Panty Parade / Off Go the Panties

Two years ago I set out to write a book chronicling what happened when I took advice from dating self-help gurus. I read seven books on how to get and keep a man and did the best I could to follow that advice. The books ranged in levels of militancy in terms of how to behave—but mostly they all agreed to avoid having sex with men so they could enjoy the chase. My lack of success was staggering.

At that time I figured if I wasn’t going to be having sex with the men I was dating (which wasn’t necessarily the case—but I did try), I was going to find men I didn’t want to date and have sex with them. These Mr. Right Now’s ranged in age from 21-32 and were delightfully horny. I met them on the “dating” site Cougar 911.

On my very first date with a young man we met for drinks, and I found out almost immediately that the vast majority of the women on the site were not “real.” The ads were phony so that the guys would click on a picture and be transferred to a porn site or site for local prostitutes. Invariably, the other women were also phonies were scams looking for cash. I didn’t really know how to respond to this information.

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