20 Signs He Thinks about Marrying You


When my boyfriend popped the question, I was completely shocked. I thought that I really know how men think (and especially how HE thinks) and that he could never really surprise me, but I was wrong.

I had no idea he wants to marry me. I didn’t see the signs (though I really was looking for them…)

I guess you would like to know if the man of your dreams wants to marry you. God knows you want to marry him. But how to know if he is planning to share the rest of his life with you?

Here you will find a few universal signs that your guy wants to marry you and a few little known signs as well.

If you find more than 5 signs, I’d say that ring is probably on your way. Ready? Here we go.

Universal Signs He Wants to Marry You

He has introduced you to his parents and likes to take you to family meetings with him.
It is clear and obvious that he loves you and he has said it many times.
He includes you in his future plans. For example, if he is thinking about moving to another city or country, he makes it clear that you are supposed to move with him.
He mentions having children in the future, or talks about how your future children will look like.
He feels he can trust you with anything. You can know this by the way he shares his life and thoughts with you, how much he confides with you and how much he asks for your advice and your take on things.
You’ve never cheated on him.
He brags about you, says positive things about you to his friends and family.
He uses the word “we are” more that he uses “I am
He doesn’t get a heart attack if one of his friends announces he is engaged.
He feels more comfortable around you. Unfortunately this means that he may fart infront of you and always leave the toilet seat up.

Weird Signs He Wants to Marry You

If your boyfriend’s proposal is just around the corner, he may display some weird behavior and generally seem “not himself”. Some of the weird signs that he is about to propose are:

His friends giggle when they see you, or look at you like you’ve grown a second head.
Suddenly he goes out of his way to please you and constantly says how much he loves you.
He is more affectionate in public spaces and around other people.
He is more concerned about money and saving money.
It feels like he is hiding something from you. Any woman can detect when that happens.
He talks a lot about the future and makes more plans, like a vacation with you.
He stares at your hands or snoops around in your jewelry box (trying to find out your ring size)
He wants to know everything about you, your past, your friends and family.
You wake up in the middle of the night and find him staring at you adoringly.
He is more needy and clingy.

All the Signs Are There…So Where’s Your Marriage Proposal?

If you find most of these signs in your relationship – Congratulations. It seems like your boyfriend DOES WANT to marry you.

But – Why hasn’t he done it yet?...

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