TODAY: Join Our #BreakfastLoveDinner Twitter Party!

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Love to gab about food and love? Join our Twitter party!

It's a fact — the foods we eat are such an integral part of our identities that they can't help but figure largely in our relationships. Sometimes the results are good — bonding over the love for a particular cheap take-out place, or cooking for your sweetie for the very first time. And sometimes the results are not so good — getting sick from "cultural delicacies" at your beau's family gathering, or trying to explain why fries don't actually count as a vegetable.

That's why YourTango is hosting a #BreakfastLoveDinner Twitter Party to chat about all the interesting conundrums that arise at the place where our stomachs and our hearts intersect. We invite you to join us on Monday, Oct. 1 for two hours as we delight in combining the sensual pleasures of food and love. Have a favorite go-to recipe you like to prepare for your S.O.? Experienced a food-related dream-date — or dating horror story? Had interesting experiences with incorporating food preferences into a relationship? We'd love to learn more!

Here are the party details:

When: Monday, Oct. 1, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. EST


Who: @YourTango, @YTExperts, and @BlissByGlam will be hosting the party—follow all of us for optimal interaction!

How: When the party starts, search for #BreakfastLoveDinner in the Twitter search bar (make sure you select "All Tweets" to see everyone's tweets)! You can also use a tool such as TweetGrid to follow the conversation. To ask a question or post a response, you must include the hashtag #BreakfastLoveDinner in each of your tweets, or we won't see them.

Why: It's no fun trying to analyze your S.O.'s food choices or decide what to order on a first date alone! Together we can get to the bottom of some thorny food/love issues, and ensure happy chow-down bliss for couples everywhere.

See you at the Twitter party!