The Fittest & Sexiest Cities In America

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Do America's sexiest cities and fittest cities correlate?

Let's take a look at those cities which aren't so concerned with their looks. Spokane, WA came in last place on our list of sexiest cities in America, spending over 60 percent less than the national average on their looks. Spokane also ranked 91st on our Fittest Cities list; its population frequents the gym over 35 percent less than the national average. This outdoorsy city boasts Manito Park, Green Bluff, and the Centennial Trail, so it's likely Spokane residents are too busy enjoying their beautiful surroundings to hit the gym or spend time pampering themselves.

Chesapeake, VA residents also spend their time and money on other things besides working out and looking good. Spending over 60 percent less than the national average on fitness and pampering, perhaps Chesapeake residents prefer to be out exploring the dynamic coastal Virginia region: nearby protected forests and wetlands provide great gym alternatives, including hiking and kayaking.

Take a look at some Sexiest Cities and Fittest Cities infographics to see if you can spot any other cities that stand out at Bundle: Are America's Sexiest Cities Also The Fittest?

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