How to Save Money When It comes to Online Dating


Join a dating website without paying an arm and leg for monthly subscription.

It's said that life is better with company and that is very true but what if you can't find your soul-mate? What you can't find that perfect someone? Well some people hit up the bar scene hoping to find "the one". But most people now of days try their luck with online dating websites such as eHarmony and With more and more people looking online to find their perfect match its no surprise that the online dating business is a billion dollar industry and growing.

These popular dating services have a massive amount of members. Eharmony has over 33 million members and is apparently responsible for 542 members marrying everyday! has a staggering 42 million registered members, they also connect members in 25 countries around the world. With numbers like these you can expect these dating sites to be smiling to the bank. But this article isn't about how much money they're making but how much money you can be saving. If you're someone who likes to save money then these tips will definitely help you find your perfect match online, while on a budget.

Let me first tell you how these dating services fees work. Now you might be wanting to join but you may be surprised by the amount u would have to pay for a subscription. Most of these sites don't bill you on a month to month basis but instead they bill you by the total amount months you have subscribed for. So let's say you want to sign up with a dating service for $29.95 a month for 6 months. That would mean you would have to pay $179.70 plus tax up front. But what if you're not happy with the service two months down the road? Well then they would suggest members to join for just a month but that would cost around 50 some odd dollars. You see the more months you subscribe for the more you save but that won't guarantee you to find your other half within those months.

So if you wanna save money on dating subscription fees here is how to do it. Sign up for free trial offers. Both eHarmony and offer this promotion to new members. This is the perfect way to to see if the dating website is a perfect fit for you. You will be able to join for free, create a dating profile and then be automatically matched up with compatible members on the site. But here's the catch - you won't be able to communicate with those compatible members unless you pay for a subscription. I highly recommend you try either the eHarmony free trial or the free trial offer if your someone who is new to the online dating world.

If you're ready to join and be a full member (paying for dating subscription) then use promotional codes. All major dating websites allow new members to use promo codes to save themselves 10 to 40 percent off their subscription. You can find these promo codes all over the internet. This would save you a bundle and will allow to keep that money for future dates.

So those are two ways to save money when it comes to dating online. Keep these tips in mind next time you think about joining a dating website.