Why do we need a Bi Community?


Bisexuality is real.We exist around U!

  • It can seem strange that people with no common bond other than their sexuality would want to form a social group.Surely we'd all be different in politics, economic background,views and opinions?Yes,if this was a truly random sample of bisexuals...
  • Do the people at a bisexual coffee morning really have nothing in common other than their sexuality?Of course not!They probably all live near the venue, like coffee,find the time and date convenient and want to meet people & chat in a venue that's not a bar.Why then make it a bi coffee morning - if we can do all that at any coffee shop?
  • So that in one regard we can all be on the same(broad) page.
  • In the pub,at work,at home,we spend a lot of our time wondering what will happen when/if we disclose our bisexuality.Will it change our friendships,will it affect our working relationships,will it be a shock to our family?By coming together as bisexuals(who are also interested in coffee,or union activities,or badminton,or dogs,or indeed Torchwood)we know that when the conversation turns to how we're doing in our personal lives it won't be stopped dead by the "revelation" that we're simply attracted to more than one gender.
  • The bisexual community isn't about bisexuality in isolation - it's about bisexuals coming together to celebrate and understand all the things they have in common,with others who understand what it is like to be bi.
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