Love Bytes: The Case For Scheduling Sex

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Plus, what makes a good wife? And, 15 signs that things aren't going well in your relationship.

In these days of extreme convenience, we're all very, very busy people. We have THINGS to do and PEOPLE to see. Imagine trying to have spontaneous sex with our calendars? You gotta schedule sex in these trying times. (The Stir)

The 10 (types of) people who always get bombed at weddings. (Babble)

Is there ever a reason to date someone who still lives with mommy and daddy? (LearnVest)

What if Barack H. Obama crashed your wedding? And what if the POTUS left you an awesome gift? (Huffington Post)

Dang, y'alls, did you hear about this tiny piece of papyrus in which Mr. Jesus H. Christ allegedly referenced a wife? (HowAboutWe)

Nothing from Honey Boo Boo or Chubs, but some also-great quotes from Emmy-nominated female characters. (TresSugar)

What makes a good wife? (Glo)

A mess of signs that you're giving each other emotional cancer. (Madame Noire)

Now you can rupture your hymen all over again. Ladies and gentlemen, the fake hymen. (NYMag)

Can birth control make you un-horny? (Parenting)

Can swingers have healthy relationships? (YouBeauty)

Would you trust a dude who said he was on the pill? Have you ever heard of a guy who wanted to get a girl pregnant so she would marry him? (Em & Lo)

And meet Mr. Fifty Shades O' Grey, the husbondage (weee!) of E.L. James. (Betty Confidential)

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