5 Do-Gooder Dates (Be Like Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield!)

emma stone andrew garfield
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When was the last time you volunteered? Yeah, that's what we thought.

4. Adopt A Pet. To me, giving an animal a happy, permanent home is one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. I have two cats, and both were adopted. Getting an animal as a couple is a big decision, so if you're ready for it, head to the local pound or Humane Society one weekend first and spend the afternoon with cats and dogs. Most places will let you play and interact with the pet for while so you can see its personality. I guarantee you'll find your new BFF … let's just hope your guy doesn't love the animal more than he loves you like this guy did.

5. Build A House. In The Notebook, Noah built Ali a house. But in 2012, you're probably lucky if your boyfriend builds that new bookshelf all by himself. Well, in the name of equality, why not build a house together? Sign up to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity to build someone else a place to live. According to their website, the organization has provided affordable houses for 2.5 million people worldwide so far. Check out their site to learn how to get involved, so on your next date, instead of building your own frozen yogurt at that funky fro-yo shop, you can build a house for a family in need. It will last longer, and you'll feel much better afterward.

Have you ever volunteered as a couple?