Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Reunited And In Love?

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

The on-screen couple of the late 90s has taken their romance off screen and public in the park!

Talk about PDA! While the two have denied that they are a couple in the past, the Friends With Benefits actress, Mila Kunis and No Strings Attached actor Ashton Kutcher seemed a little more than friendly on Monday when they were spotted in Central Park full on making out. So, are they friends with benefits or are strings attached?

In August, the two were spotted at a Dodgers game with Kunis' parents, but rumors that a romance was in place has been denied ever since the two were seen together in April. In August's edition of Interview magazine, Kunis admitted that one day, she does want to have a family. Could this be the start? 4 Strangest Celebrity Family Relationships Ever

The two have taken romantic vacations together to Bali, been seen holding hands, and on Monday before they went to the park, sources say they walked around the city and even ducked into a doorway twice to kiss! Aww!

The two met in '98 when they began filming That '70s Show, where they were on-and-off as a couple on the show. Kutcher was even Kunis' first kiss!

Currently, Kunis is filming The Angriest Man in Brooklyn with co-star Robin Williams. Kutcher is usually on the west coast, for Two and a Half Men. But he ditched sunny California to spend soem QT with his girl, and although there hasn't been a confirmation from either of the stars, it's pretty obvious by now. Making out in one of the most popular places in NYC? Not really a way to keep a romance hidden, you too.

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