Diary of a Fone Sex Actress


l had placed an order with www.sex-toy-closet.co.uk just 2 days before, and here l was in my living room waiting anxiously for the Rock Chick Vibrator to be delivered. The doorbell rang and l quickly rushed to the door to find the post man holding a parcel in his hand." Can you please confirm your name" he said. After quickly noticing that the parcel was discreetly packaged in a box wrapped with brown paper my nerves calmed down a bit because l had been worried what the post man would think of me for ordering a sex toy. l quickly signed took the parcel inside and removed the packaging. I have to say, it was the most beautiful toy l had seen. This was my first time buying such a toy with its newly improved , and updated clitoral stimulation, flexible silicon and powerful bullet ! This was certainly a G-Spot and clit stimulating toy that every woman should own.

A few weeks before l had registered with an adult website as a Phone Sex Operator and l thought getting a sex toy would help me get in the mood and flow of things. I have always had an insatiable appetite for sex and after breaking up with my boyfriend l had struggled with that never ending horniness so this seemed like the perfect job for me to live out and fulfill my fantasies. Now that my Rock Chick was here, l was ready for some action and my FIRST CALL. l changed into my very sexy lingerie. It was a red soft basque with black dot overlay mesh trimmed with long bows matching boy briefs and very kinky but sexy fish net stockings. l looked and felt very sexy and already my nipples were getting hard and my pussy wet with anticipation. l logged on onto the website to let my callers know that l was ready for some hardcore action. Lay on my sofa closed my eyes, spread my legs open and started to slowly touching myself .l was so engrossed in pleasuring myself the phone suddenly......." HELLO" i said " Hello sexy Ava" said the voice on the other end of the line.It was my sexy Irish Professor who by now had become a regular and satisfied customer! .................look out for part 2 soon when l tell you what happened next with my Irish Professor and whether the Rock Chick Vibrator lived up to it's name.