Nicole Kidman Gets Dirty With Zac Efron

Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron at a premiere of 'The Paperboy'

Nicole Kidman lets herself go in her latest role in 'The Paperboy.'

Nicole Kidman, pees on co-star Zac Efron when his character gets stung by a jellyfish in this new movie. In all fairness, her director Lee Daniels warned her this role might not be for her. He tested her by saying, "Listen, if you can't do your own make-up on this, you can't do this movie because you don't know this character. This chick is, well, she's trailer trash."

Daniels "thought she'd go running for the hills," but she proved him wrong when she texted a photo of herself in naughty lingerie with makeup she did herself. Love Bytes: Should Younger Women Date Older Men?

We can't imagine Kidman being "trailer trash" but we do know she likes to rise to challenges. That's exactly what she did in the new movie The Paperboy, out in a few weeks. Nicole Kidman's character enlists a journalist —played by Matthew McConaughey and his brother, Zac Efron, to help her try to get the man she loves, John Cusack, off of death row.

Daniels admires and respects Kidman and talks fondly of her role on his film.  "Nicole gets down and dirty, but let me tell you what else she does," he told E! "She sent the crew members champagne. She's in the trenches. She was at craft services helping out. She was one of the guys."

He admires her so much after this role they are already discussing a new project.  Don't miss your chance to see Kidman get 'down and dirty' with Zac Efron—who, by the way is 21 years her younger. Daniels wasn't a huge fan of casting Efron but ultimately found that hewas up for some pushing and this is considered one of his strongest roles yet. The Paperboy is in theaters October 5.

Tell us: Is it awesome that these two 'get dirty' together or is the age gap too much?

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