'The End Of Men': Are Men SO Yesterday?

Is It "The End of Men" As We Know It?
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Hanna Rosin's new book "The End of Men" says that women are uprooting male power.

There are a few things that happen when you attempt to travel the streets of New York with a bright yellow book that screams The End of Men under your arm. First, you get a lot of inquisitive stares. Some people snicker. When you accidentally leave the book on the counter of your morning coffee shop, the man who returns it to you points to the cover, giggles, and does a little jig.

But if you are the author of a book called The End of Men—with a man for a husband and a boy for a child—you get sticky notes left on your bedroom door. "My 6-year-old, to whom the book is dedicated, writes things like, 'Only bullies write books called The End of Men,'" says author Hanna Rosin, whose 2010 Atlantic essay turned 310-page book hit stands this week. She clarifies: "He's learning about bullying in school."

Remember, say, a decade ago, when men were ruling the world? Remember, you know, dudes? They made up half the population, held the majority of power jobs, were the primary breadwinners, and have been the dominant sex since, well, the beginning of time?

Well, they had a great run. 

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Written by Jessica Bennett for The Daily Beast.