Most People Crave Space In Their Relationship: How To Ask For It

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Research says 60% of people in romantic relationships crave more personal space than they receive.

My husband and I recently spent a month backpacking through South America. While it was a wonderful four weeks filled with paragliding, wine tasting, hiking in Patagonia and long city walks—time that definitely reinvigorated our relationship—we were both craving a bit of space when we returned home to reality.

Turns out this feeling is pretty universal: Research indicates that nearly 60 percent of individuals in romantic relationships crave more personal space than they are getting.

"Any time you have two people in a relationship, you are going to have this push and pull of dependence and independence," says Gary Lewandowski, Chair of Psychology at Monmouth University in New Jersey and an editor at "You want to blend with your partner, but you also don't want to lose your own identity."

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