How Do You Last Longer in Bed? – Easy Tips Revealed


Wondering how do you last longer in bed? Simple tips will be revealed in this article.

How do you last longer in bed? Do you use breathing techniques? Do you apply that tingly numbing cream? Perhaps you use thicker condoms, or you masturbate before you have sex. Maybe you even have a few drinks to take the edge off. While these methods can truly work like magic for a lot of men, there are some other tips that you can add to your pile of tricks to last longer. If you have ever wanted more weapons in your arsenal to answer that lingering question of “how do you last longer in bed?” – These easy tips can be added to your routine rather effortlessly.

Eat Foods That Promote Sexual Stamina
Foods that promote sexual stamina are not that hard to find. In fact, a quick trip to your local supermarket can net you dozens of these foods. To help you out, here are a few foods that are known to help with how do you last longer in bed.
Green Tea

Balance Your Diet
Speaking of foods – your sex drive is going to be as good as your balanced meals; you are what you eat after all. So balance your meals. Ensure that you are ingesting all four food groups. Reduce fatty food intakes and try to cut out toxins, sugars, caffeine and alcohol for easy answers to how do you last longer in bed.

Get Plenty of Rest at Night
Sleep is when your body recharges. It’s how you stay balanced. Lack of sleep means decreased hormonal levels and poorer circulation. So get your beauty sleep each night and try to get your eight hours in for longer lasting sexual sessions.

Stamp Out Bad Habits
Are you a smoker, a heavy drinker, do you like to binge on sugary foods or do you suck down caffeine like it’s going out of style? Well if you want to know how do you last longer in bed, you’ll want to stamp out these bad habits. All of them deplete hormonal levels and constrict blood vessels, making premature ejaculation virtually eminent.

Consider Herbal Extracts
Look into various herbal extracts that are well known male enhancers. Many of the most popular ones have actually undergone clinical studies that you can learn about by conducting some simple research online. There are supplements you can find that also combine the most powerful extracts—but save you money off having to buy them each individually.