5 'Glee' Romances We Can't Wait To See Rekindle Tonight

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith

In honor of the return of <i>Glee</i> tonight, these are the five romances we can't WAIT to see!

It's finally here! Glee fans can finally break ouit their slushies and plaid skirts (oh, that's just us?) for tonight's return of the hit show!

For the special occasion, we wanted to bring you the top five romances that we can not wait to see this season. So, some romantic pairs didn't end so chummy (Rachel and Finn finally reunited, just to be separated by their life-long dreams), and some are going to be separated by distance but still together (cue the Klain fans!). No matter what the case may be, we can't wait to see it all go down tonight.

1. Finchel: You knew we were going to start with them, right. These two are the Ross and Rachel of today's TV, so the on-and-off doesn't really come to a surprise. Even though spoilers have confirmed that Rachel would have a fling while at school in New York, we've got a feeling that another romance may bring them back home together. Which leads us to...

2. Emma Pillsbury and Will Schuester: This wedding is happening for sure this season and honestly, we couldn't be happier. There's no doubt that there will be some issues with these two throughout (would we be totally bummed if John Stamos made a return quick?), but we know they'll make it work. Her perfectionist personality and his loving kindess are just a matchmade in heaven.

3. Santana and Britney S. Pears: So Britney's lack of knowledge mixed with Santana's attitude is seriously hilarious. It works because no matter how stupid or rude the two are to others, when it comes to each other, they're totally smitten. Brit may have failed and remains in high school, but that won't stop these two!3 Things Glee Teaches Us About Love

4. Klain: Yes, that is Kurt and Blain. Who knows what will happen now that they are miles apart, heart broken and missing each other. We know two things for sure-- there will be drama, and there will be dramatic duets. Can't wait!

5. Coach Sylvester and her new baby: Alright, we cheated, this isn't a couple. But we know that this baby is going to bring out the absolutely best in Sue and that's just going to be hilarious. Sue being nice. With a baby. Come on, now that's good TV.

Tell us: Which couple are you most excited to see?

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