Love Bytes: What Would You Do If Your Ex Moved Into Your Attic?

creep in the attic
Love, Heartbreak

Plus, things you can just tell just by looking at him.

Sometimes it takes a long time to get over a breakup. Sometimes you just want to be near your ex. Sometimes you end up living in your ex's attic 12 years after you split because you want to smell her insulation. (Huffington Post

What you can tell just by looking at him (other than that he doesn't know he has spinach in his teeth). (Glo

It looks like it's NOT the end of men. Whew. Sorry, Hannah Rosin. (The Daily Beast

Women are like a fine wine. Sure. Women are like hurricanes. Hah. Women are like... immigrants? (NY Mag)

Florida + gunpoint + moving car sex = accident + mug shot. (Huffington Post

Are singletons ashamed of being alone? (LearnVest

Being wifed up increases your chances of surviving the cancer. (The Stir

9 reasons why shower sex should be outlawed. (The Gloss

Do you love him, but want to pour hot sauce in his eyes? You may need a little break. (Madame Noire

Does your ex send you weird text messages? Do they involve the application of ranch dressing? (Gurl

Do grownup, adult-ass people really take rom-coms seriously? (YouBeauty

And the animated gif tumblr that's sweeping the nation is… (MyFriendsAreMarried

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