How to Last Longer in Bed


Wondering how to last longer in bed?

How to last longer in bed – if we all only knew. The solution can vary between men, body types and underlying causes. Learn more about six different things you can try to last longer in this article.

Eat More Zinc
Zinc is a well known sexual charger. It’s used by many men to defeat erectile dysfunction, and it’s got numerous clinical studies that attest to its effectiveness. You can easily find zinc in oysters. So hit the oyster bar up once a week for how to last longer in bed.

Workout More Often
Working out regularly balances the hormones, reduces stress and increases immune efficiency. It also increases your metabolism and properly balances the entire body. A balanced body means a body that’s fine tuned for the bedroom, too.

Stop Smoking
Smoking is not only terrible for your health, but it will impede many solutions that you seek for how to last longer in bed as well. Because smoking constricts your blood vessels and introduces thousands of foreign toxins, it’s advised that you consider complete cessation as part of your solution.

Reduce Alcoholic Consumption
Alcohol may take the edge off, but it also hampers your ability to sexually function properly. Because it makes you stressed (physically) and it induces toxins to your bloodstream, the body works harder to process just about everything (mentally and physically). When seeking an answer to how to last longer in bed, moderate drinking is part of the solution.

Eliminate Stress
Want to know how to last longer in bed? Well if you are stressed out, you won’t be lasting very long at all, according to studies. That’s because stress causes your body to emit a flight or fight hormone called cortisol. This hormone decreases vascular efficiency, hampers hormonal and immune effectiveness, and you guessed it: can contribute to premature ejaculation in men. The easy fix: stamp out stress in any way that you can and get at least eight hours of sleep each night.

Balance the Diet
A balanced, healthy diet is the real key for how to last longer in bed, and for those who are seeking to live a healthy more fulfilling life overall. When the body is imbalanced by improper diet, this can also create nutritional, vitamin and mineral efficiencies—which are known key causes of premature ejaculation. The best way to ensure that these do not occur is to balance your intake of foods, eat healthier foods and ensure that a daily multivitamin tablet is taken to correct or prevent any vitamin or mineral deficiencies that can contribute to premature ejaculation.