Romantics: Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds' 'The Notebook' Wedding

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds wedding

The famous couple wed at a notable romantic location: Boone Hall Plantation!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds married at Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston S.C. on Sunday, which is most famously known as the setting of The Notebook. We hope this couple gets to be as happy and lucky as the pair in the 2004 hit movie starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

According to People, Lively is rumored to be the mastermind behind the secret wedding. The 25-year-old actress told friends she was celebrating her big 2-5 birthday a little late. With a lot of luck and a whole lot of discretion, Lively and Reynolds, 35, were able to marry in a romantic setting with only the people they invited. Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Secretly Married This Weekend!

According to E! News, star wedding consultant Harmony Walton says: "Over the past few months, celebrities have been delibrately going with vendors, planners, and locations that are outside the typical Hollywood wedding game, as a way to keep their weddings secret ... small vendors know that celebrity events can make or break them, so they're more likely to keep their mouths shut."

Regardless of this new trend, the south has a sort of unspoken rule about keeping events hush-hush. In any case, we give Lively and Reynolds — who met like most Hollywood couples do: on-set of the The Green Lantern, which they starred in 2011 — a lot of credit for keeping their wedding underwraps.

Reynolds was previously married to Scarlett Johansson for three years. This is Blake Lively's first marriage and we hope they continue their super romantic lifestyle for years to come! Maybe they'll renew their vows at Boone Hall Plantation on their 10 year anniversary? We can only hope so!

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