I'm so devastated, it hurts so much!

Love, Heartbreak

after 3 years, he gave up on us so quickly

i lived with my boyfriend in the same house for 3 years. He was the most amazing attentive guy for 2 years. We made plans together, we even spoke about having a child and what their names would be, about marriage and he said he would never let me go and would always be with me through thick and thin.

we broke up 9/3/2012. This past year he got a job that would give him long hours and after work he would hang out with his friends ( he would call me while with his friends) but constantly he came home at 3 or 4 am. That would upset me of course.
Then slowly i wound complain or nag about that, then he would sleep late til 3 am, and text his friends til late at night, and i would nag about that too.
He never noticed his behaviour change and took my nagging as fights. We did have arguments but always worked them out. This man always everyday said he loved me. then he lost his job, and our saving ran out. and even then he would say "its ok baby ill find a job soon, dont worry baby"
and then 2 months after we got into a huge argument when he said he wad desperate that didnt like anything and that wasnt happy with everything, i remember telling" what can i do? it will get better, you want to leave, then leave leave?!" I never meant for him to leave i was sad and frustrated. Then he got loud and defensive and i told him "is an attitude like that that makes me wonder if i love you" once again, i didnt mean to, it was not intentional. everything just escalated.
Point is, it lead to something bigger and it exploded, to the point where i got some of his clothes and he left.

after that,he ignored me for 2 days. then on the 3rd day he told me he wanted time off, to find himself do his own thing and have fun. find himself. and it left me devistated. he spoke about getting other peoples opinions, and he took their opinions, even though those people havent been there for him in years! that hurt me, that he would listen to them instead of his heart. and he said, well their opinions helped me decide.

and he broke up with me and told me he only wants to be friends. that he loves me alot and cares for me, but that doesnt want any relationship at all. hes acting like he was never with me, or knew me. completely cold hearted and loud and rude. and he wont even consider giving us a second change.
and it hurts me so much cuz all his words, our plans and everything went to the gargabe he wont give it a second thought.
now his ex girlfriend knowing that hes single, called him (he told me, he also told me that she told him she likes him or love etc) but that he told her he doesn't care for anything. he promised he would never speak to this woman again. and yet he spoke to her.

hes telling me that he loves me but tdoesnt want a relationship with anybody and doesnt know how long is gonna be.
it eats me inside that hes acting like nothing ever happend or like his love faded over night.

he told me lets be friends, and who knows what will happen, maybe youll find someone or i will in the future. but that hes not planning to anytime soon.
this man that i love so much, and we shared everything together is now acting like a total cold stranger to me.
why did he change? he gave his ex many chances, why doesn't he want to give me another one? give our love another chance? he just doesn't care anymore?

and it has only been a week. The only i want is another chance and what hurts me the most is that he was always positive even when we were low on money, and he never truely told me that my nagging bothered him to that extend.
but thats what he told his friends and sisters, and since they dont know the whole story or our love, they gave him whatever opinions. instead of helping him fix our situation.

it pains me so much.