Another Secret Wedding Last Weekend? Reality Stars Tie The Knot

mystery reality tv couple

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds weren't the only ones that snuck in a private ceremony last weekend.

One of the most love-to-love/love-to-hate couples of reality TV tied the knot over the weekend in a lavish rooftop ceremony in Los Angeles. Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas, who met as contestants during "Big Brother 12" in 2010 (and went on to compete again on BB 13 and then on "The Amazing Race"), were married Saturday (Sept. 8).

Reilly arrived via helicopter at the top of the AT&T Center in downtown Los Angeles in front of 130 guests, which included "Big Brother 13" contestants (and couple) Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd. The bride wore a floor-length Missoni gown and the ceremony was presided over by "Big Brother 12" contestant Matt Hoffman.

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