How Barack And Michelle Obama Restored My Faith In Marriage

barack and michelle obama hug at dnc
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As an independent twentysomething, I want a marriage like the Obamas' or I don't want one at all.

I want love to be comfortable yet scintillating and constantly evolving. Even if life's not full of adrenaline-pumping surprises, I still crave a little adventure. And the butterflies should never die, just perhaps calm down a bit. And just when you think I've gotten outlandish with my demands… I want to have all of these things with my best friend.

I believe it exists. Back in 2007, when I really started paying attention to the black man running for president and his elegant, radiant partner, Michelle, I realized that I was more enamored with their interactions than with his take on the issues (I eventually researched those before I stepped into the voting booth, I promise). When it comes to their relationship, I'm still not sure what's real and what's projected by the media. But since reality is one's own mental creation, I'm rocking with my observations.

First and foremost, Michelle and Barack seem to have their own means of communication, which is a crucial tool when the public eye is always watching. In pictures and news footage of their interactions, they are not constantly talking, but they are definitely sending messages to each other with their eyes, arms, and fist bumps that say "I support you," "I agree with that," and sometimes even, "Don't worry baby, I think this fool is crazy too."

You know how you can read your best friend's face like a book? I'm starting to think that I can have that kind of sacred, unspoken comraderie with a man as well. The first couple has redefined intimacy for me in many ways. It's been said that they are an important model for the youth, but what about grown women of color like myself? My brown skin soaks up just as much hope from them as the kids' do. Best Dating Advice Ever From Michelle Obama