Nobody Likes A Long Distance Relationship


Making a long distance relationship work is hard, but it's not impossible to do it.

If you have been in a relationship for a long time then you won’t be able to accept the fact that one of you has to go away for a long time. Of course, you may have no choice if one of you got accepted for a higher paying job in another country.

Sometimes, you have to make some sacrifices for the good of the future of the marriage especially if you already have children then it would be for the benefit of their education. Most people would say this type of relationship rarely works because the pair rarely sees each other personally.

There always exists the temptation of finding someone else to satisfy your sexual needs especially if the other person won’t be able to find out anyway. No matter how much you despise a long distance relationship, you may have no choice especially if both of you have commitments.

This is something you will never encourage your friends to do since it is something both parties would love to end quickly so both of you can enjoy the presence of one another again. If you really love your partner, you should keep in mind this is just one obstacle since both of you will get together again sooner or later.

What are the barriers of a long distance relationship?

One of the biggest barriers of a long distance relationship is jealousy. You can't help but become jealous if you think your partner is having an affair with somebody else. It would be wise to not let distance be a barrier because you can always chat with your partner over the Internet since there are many programs that enable you to do so.

You can always dedicate a certain time of the day for your communication with each other even if you are in different time zones. Chatting may not be enough to keep the relationship alive as a webcam may be needed to spice everything up.

Another barrier is language since it is possible both of you entered into a relationship even if both of you have never met each other except through online chatting. If the other person does not know how to speak in English then you are going to have a big problem in making the relationship work.

The biggest barrier is the lack of face to face communication so it is not enough to do things like calling each other. It would be better to do video messaging so you can still see his face. You can still do things together by playing online games like poker which is a creative way in keeping the spirit of the relationship alive.

How to maintain intimacy in a long distance relationship?

Once you enter a long distance relationship, you are going to have big problems on how you would maintain intimacy because both of you are far from each other.

You can write love letters to your partner and these letters don't have to be anything fantastic. They just have to be coming from the bottom of your heart. You can also give her something to remember you by like photos of your latest accomplishments and your old pictures when you were together.

You must invest in a microphone and a web cam so you can communicate with each other regularly on the Internet. You can even use those two things to watch a movie together if you are creative enough to think about that.