How To Maintain Intimacy After The Birth Of A Child


How to maintain intimacy? The birth of a child does not necessarily mean that the romance should end

There is so much excitement in the air when both of you find out you are going to have a child. Unfortunately, you would experience a lot of problems when the baby comes out. You will find out you won’t have time for each other anymore because of the new member in your family. However, this is just another obstacle in making your family work as you must sacrifice for the good of your child. If you find yourself not getting enough time with your partner then you must know you will get more time with him when the baby grows up. You may want to find out how to maintain intimacy right now but patience is a virtue in this case. If you love your partner then you should realize both of you should cooperate for the good of the newborn baby.

What are the problems you will experience after the birth of your child?

There is no doubt you must cut your quality time for each other for the good of your child. These problems will cause failures in sex and communication so you must be prepared for them. One problem is you may have to work longer hours since you have to buy a lot of things for the baby including diapers and baby food. This would lead to you coming home being tired from work so you won’t be in the mood for sex anymore. You would also see less of each other because of your work especially if you have to work after office hours. Of course, that would lead you to seek how to maintain intimacy in your relationship right away. Another problem you will experience is your intimate exchange would be replaced by conversations about baby care. This is one thing you have to accept because you have just entered a new stage in life.

Studies show husbands and wives are tired during the first few months of the baby’s birth. That means they would prefer to sleep instead of sex. You may also not have time to romance each other anymore which would be bad considering how both of you is married to each other. You may want to try some foreplay with your partner even if he is already tired. If you do that, he would know you are in the mood for sex.

Solving the problems you experience after the birth of your child

With these solutions, you will find out you are getting back to be the loved ones as you use to be even after the birth of the child. Both of you should work on a daily conversation that should be more than an exchange of what is going on with each other and the baby. You should take time to listen to each other’s feelings which means you still care a lot about each other. Of course, you must spend time for each other by scheduling activities and outings. You can bring the baby along or you can leave the baby at home with a good babysitter. The important thing is you would be able to spend some quality time with each other and connect emotionally. It would be a good idea to do that at least once a week so you would know if the love you have for each other is still alive. You can also give each other little gifts and dress up for dinner. This does not necessarily need to lead to sex but it would grow an environment of concern for each other.