How To Get Him To Commit After A One Night Stand?


Another one bites the dust, leaving you wondering why you are always used for just sex?

How To Get Him To Commit After A One Night Stand? Another one bites the dust huh? You thought this one was the one you allowed yourself to open up and finely give yourself to him all of yourself. You just knew that he was different and not like all the others who have just hit it and quit it in the past, something about this guy just made you melt and you wanted him to have all of you that night. Remember when you met him for the first time, you felt like a little girl all over again getting your first kiss, his soft eyes just melted your heart and you guys made eye contact that words could never explain the connection you knew you had with one another. He was shy at first but he finely mustered up the courage to come over and introduce himself, you were so flattered you didn’t know what to say but deep down inside your heart was going thump thump thump, it was like one of those romance movies you watch late at night in bed wishing something like that would happen to you, and now here he is. He sat down the two of you hit it off like you were best friends, you were smiling like it was your first prom all over again, this guy just made you feel so good about yourself, he was smooth talking and so sweet everything he said just seemed so perfect. You were saying to yourself, wow how did I get so lucky, you almost thought it was to good to be true that such a good looking guy would be interested in you and wanting to take you out on a date. After the two of you were so involved in the conversation he had to run, but he asked you out that Friday night for dinner and drinks, you happily accepted. You went home calling and texting every girl friend you could get a hold of telling them all about your romance movie moment that just happen to you with the biggest smile on your face the whole day, like you just won the lottery. It seemed like Friday took a century to arrive but when it did you couldn’t wait for 6 O’ Clock so he would come by and pick you for dinner. You spent all day doing your hair, picking out the perfect dress, with those perfect brand new high heels that you have been dying to wear out. Here he is looking so handsome and good to you, a slight thought crossed your mind to just skip dinner and go right in to the house rip off his cloths and get right to it, but you held it together and went out with this amazing guy. He took you to this quiet place for dinner with candles on the table slow music playing in the back ground, the two of you shared a bottle of wine, engaged so deep in one another’s eye’s it was so perfect you felt like a princess who has found her prince charming. After a great dinner the two of you both knew in your minds what was next, you just couldn’t hold out anymore, you aren’t the type to sleep with a guy on the first night but this guy was so different than any other man. He got the keys from the valet open your door put you in the car, drove back to your place, the two of you barley even made it out of the car without being all over one another you were so ready for him to have all of your body. You went in to the bed room, he laid you down starting kissing all over you, and the next thing you know you were being romanced just the way you liked it. This guy knew every spot to touch he was so passionate it was like he knew what to do and touch without you ever having to say word to him. After the mind blowing romance ended the two of you cuddled all night long till the sun came up and shined through the windows waking you two up, he rolled over and kissed you and said he had to go. The next day you texted him telling him how great that night was and how you can’t wait to see him again, but he never replied. You didn’t think anything of it because you figured he was just busy or what not, but hours and hours went by without him calling or texting which wasn’t like him. After a few more attempts at contacting him, it was apparent that he was not going to contact you back, you have just realized you were used again for a hit it and quit it night. But how could this guy do this to you, the two of you had such a connection there was so much more there than just sex. You want him back; you need to talk with him at least one more time to just ask him why he ignored you and if it was just all about sex? How can you get him to want more than just sex from you? This guy is different than all the others you really liked this one and want a second shot at turning it in to something more than just a one night stand. Nothing you have said has worked what so ever, you are being ignored every call and text you send gets nothing in return. You need something that will work and get him to respond, here the experts’ advice at Dating Advice Mag There you can find out just how to get him to respond back to you so you can find out why Mr.Right just hit it and quit with you. Experts Talk