So You Deserve Respect!

Love, Self

This one is based on the images were seeing of African American mothers over 40 on reality tv.

Lately .... I've been watching television in shock at the behavior of 40+ woman. It started with singer Keyshia Cole’s: The Way it Is show. She introduced us to her mom Frankie, during a visit they had in prison. In that interview Frankie was very convincing that she was clean and trying to change her life to be apart of her kids and grandchildren’s life. After being released she did the opposite, once home she started to party and run around Atlanta humiliating her children by acting there age and dating men their age. We then met Mama Jones, who is the Rapper Jim Jones mother. She is making rap songs and doing whatever she can do to get famous thru reality television. She's on twitter starting trouble with woman half her age. Then there's Momma Dee, she is the rapper Scrappy’s mother. She's an ex pimp and drug dealer. She appears on the show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta with her son. On the show she brags about her past and promotes pimping. These woman aren’t demonstrating behavior that could be confused as a #FirstLady.

My mom isn’t the most elegant woman in the world.t I get that everyone isn’t perfect. But let me be clear when I say my damn mom acts her damn age! I recently watched an interview with the singer Olivia, where she was asked about the twitter beef be with Momma Jones. Olivia states “ she doesn’t know where this animosity is coming from, but its clear she got what she wanted and thats her own show.” The interviewer then asked how do you feel about that being Jim Jones mother? Olivia responded “ At the end of the day things boil down to respect, I’m a woman just like her and nobody is going to sit around and be disrespected, I held my tongue a long as possible before I even responded.’’ I believe if want to be treated as  #FirstLady than you have to uphold yourself to a higher standard.

On The Braxton Family Values show, the mom Evelyn is funny and witty and very entertaining. On the show she tells her girls, “ I’m your mom and I have no interest in being your girlfriend.” I mean Erica’s mom on Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta was an ex-crackhead, but on the show she carries her self as a #FirstLady. If at 40+ your running around emulating your children and trying to be in there clubs and date the same age group of men. Does the phrase respect your elders apply to you? Let me ask if I’m in the club and Frankie is drunk and talking out her mind and trying to get at me. Do I stand there and let her? If Momma Dee is my mother-in-law and she on tv telling my husband to do what players do, and undermining me as woman. Do I still respect her? At this point in life these woman are supposed to be pillars in our communities for young black woman. These woman have endured hardships in life with an amazing journey that they’ve made it through. But instead of sharing it and being inspirational they rather show the world that black woman are willing to show their ignorance to make a dollar. I respect woman like Miss Evelyn and Erica’s mom. I believe that your actions will determine how your treated. I don’t act like a slut or a hood rat and I don’t get treated like one. I hold myself up on a pedal stool. A well known #fact is disrespect gets you disrespect in this world, so to be treated like an elder you also have to act like one. Nobody is going to stand around and let anyone disrespect them, because their someone’s moms. These woman would more than likely get a ACT LIKE IT THEN!