10 Ways Girls Have It Better Than Guys

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There are some ways in which our lives are just a little sweeter than theirs.

My mom just dropped me a gchat to ask about my day (we do that), and when I explained to her that I was in the process of hammering out why women are better than men, she aptly responded with, "Hope there's not a word limit."

Boys vs. Girls. Who's got it better? I mean, it should be a no-brainer to smarties like College Candy readers, but for some reason it's a question that comes up for debate time and time again. Well, I guess I'll be the one to say it now. Women, girls, bitches, hoes, chicks, chicas, broads, babes, shorties, MILFs…no matter how you slice it, we're just better.

For any men out there reading this, I know you're all fans of a little cold, hard evidence, so I thought I'd present you with the Top 10 Reasons why ya'll are a little sub-par.

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Written by Alexandra Gehringer for College Candy.

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