Why I Don't Sleep with Married Men

Heartbreak, Sex

The real reason I avoid tangling with married men may surprise you.

Panty Parade / Off Go the Panties

I’ve slept with married men before, and I suspect I probably will again at some point, but they are definitely not my first choice. No, it’s not because they have a wife and kids. No, it’s not because I would have to host all of the time. I don’t even care all that much that it would never go anywhere. The main reason I don’t like to mess around with married men is because if their wife is not having sex with them, chances are they are selfish lovers.

If I’m going to invest time and energy in someone—and eventually spread my legs for them—then I want it to be good. Married guys who choose to cheat on their wives tend to be bad in bed.

Take J-tard, for instance. This guy takes 30 emails before he fesses up and tells me that he’s married. During those exchanges he tries numerous times to get me to talk dirty to him even though we’ve never met. I try and explain to J-tard that that sort of thing doesn’t do anything for me: “Maybe after we meet and get to know each other that can be fun, but I’d rather enjoy a beer with you and flirt in person.” Unfortunately, the boy is insistent.

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