Lena Dunham's New Boyfriend: A Source Of Material For 'Girls'?

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Will bits of her budding love with Jack Antonoff seep into the show's coming seasons?

Lena Dunham writes about what she knows. With her first feature film, Tiny Furniture, the narrative and the characters were almost identical replicas of her actual life and the people she's closest to (her real-life mom and sister play the same roles in the movie). 

Dunham maintains this same autobiographical treatment on her hit television show Girls – and it's captivated audiences both young and old.

Lena has been single for a while, obviously by choice – she's had a lot on her plate with directing, writing, producing and starring in her own HBO television series. But, she's mentioned that previous dates/boyfriends have crept into Girls storylines. So now that it seems she's found the time to date, will her current love life also pop up in her show's episodes? Or, will she keep her present personal life personal? 

According to Us Weekly, Lena is now dating Jack Antonoff, guitarist of the indie rock band Fun., who had the recent hit single, "We Are Young." According to a source close to Lena, the new romantic duo are trying to keep their relationship on the DL, so that may nix our chances of seeing an Antonoff-esque character on this season's Girls.

However, rumor has it that the TV star is interested in using some of Fun.'s songs on her show. "Lena's crazy about the band," says a friend. Recently, she and Jack collaborated on a video they made for The New Yorker, and when Lena appeared on The Colbert Report last spring, she wore a dress designed by Jack's sister. Lena Dunham On Sex: "I'm Being Poked by Somebody's Weird Penis"

A few days ago, MTV.com posted an image of Jack from the late 90s at the VMAs, featuring Fiona Apple giving him a smooch on the cheek. Lena tweeted a link to the picture, calling it the "Best thing that's happened yet in America." Is she referring to the kiss? Or perhaps Jack himself?

So, now we know the two are pretty close, but as to whether or not any Lena-Jack anecdotes will appear in a Girls' script remains to be seen. Given Lena's history of doing such (she's like the Taylor Swift of television when it comes to writing about her own life, albeit with a much higher dose of humor and a much smaller dose of self-wallow), it's likely some aspect of their relationship will creep into a storyline sooner or later. Like, say, maybe at the end of this season, Hannah will ditch Adam for the guitarist of a successful indie band. It could happen!

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