Travel Tips: Cuba, Alone, For My Birthday


A solo trip to Cuba was the perfect gift for myself

My friend, Lori, and I have an ongoing lighthearted disagreement about being single.  She likes to say "I'm not Spinsterlicious because I don't like being single."  I always laugh because whether she likes being single or not, the reality is that she is.  Whether single by choice or circumstance, I believe a woman owes herself a great life, and part of that means making the most of whatever space you're in at the moment.  That's what being Spinsterlicious means to me.
And what's funny is that Lori, in so many ways, is living the Spinsterlicious life.  Her life is full and she readily takes advantage of the things that being single, free and unencumbered have allowed her.  Recently, she traveled to Cuba alone.  A very Spinsterlicious move.  I asked her to write about it.
So, here, in her own words is the guest post from Lori "Don't Call Me Spinsterlicious" F.:
Hearing of my solo trip to Cuba, Eleanore asked me to contribute to her blog about the joys and travails of traveling as a single woman.  My trip to Cuba was not my maiden solo voyage.  A few years back, I attended a Spanish language school in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  That trip was truly solo; I lived in the home of a Argentinian host, a single woman, and commuted by subway to classes.  On my trip to Cuba, I went with a tour company.  I departed on my birthday for a 7-day trip, 4 days with a morning-to-evening itinerary and the remaining 3 days you are on your own. This brings me to the first reason I love to travel solo. I can pick a trip that is convenient for me, select a time that works for my schedule, choose an itinerary that suits my interests or change my mind and cancel without consulting anyone else. Yes, a bit narcissistic but liberating.

I selected this tour despite knowing that only four people would be my companions. I wondered who would be on the tour and if I would make acquaintances. But that is the joy of solo travel - adventure. Read more: