Sex toys for couples


After watching countless love movies on TV and seeing passionate sex scenes with couples ripping each other clothes off and having passionate sex in every part of the house or anywhere for that matter, It gets you thinking how come I don’t have that passion with my lover, husband or wife. During the honeymoon period I bet you couldn’t keep your hands off each other You are not alone, life has a way of side tracking you, whether it’s the stress of work, kids or when it’s time for bed your just so tired that you just want to go to sleep and just cannot be bothered. That would be fine if you both felt this way but often that’s not always the case and one of you is feeling left out ignored and sexually frustrated. There are many different ways in which couples can add some excitement and adventure to their sexual life and sexual intercourse, but first things first you have to communicate and be open about your wants and desires and your deepest sexual needs, what fantasies you might have that you would love to act out. One of the simplest and effective ways is the use of sex toys, role playing, Oils for sensual massage, sexy lingerie and costumes and fetish gear. With so many products on the market these days it is confusing to know what will work for you so here’s a look at some of the most popular sex toys for couples.

The strap-on

Not everyone has the ability to perform on command so the strap-on can take away the pressure and give the man in your life the ability to please you or you can take the rains and be the one who is in control you might be surprised how liberating an experience it can be for a women to swap places with her man. It doesn't matter if you're gay, bisexual or straight; every couple should put their imagination to good use at least once and discover their lover with a harness and dildo combination. There are a variety of different strap-ons on the market from the harness strap-on that fits around your waist or hips to thejock style harness which has extra straps down the sides you are able to adjust the straps to suit your size while leaving the back end exposed for more thrills and excitement.

Oils, lubes and lotions

Oils Lube and lotions are the ultimate erotic accessory; they can be used in conjunction with sex toys for heightened sensitivity of touch and movement. Or just used for sensual aromatherapy massage from warming massage oils adding heat to seductive play and body slides to flavoured lotions and whipped creams that come in a varitey of flavours and smells. Boob lubes for a super-hot breast massage and sexy play. Aphrodisiac-EnhancedLubricant to stimulated the clitoris, around the labia on the penis and even on your lips and nipples they come in Cooling, Warming, and Tingling combinations.

Fetish play

Dare to explore your dark side and fulfil your erotic fantasies with toys and BDSM bondage equipment, and fetish wear. Become your inner goddess and live out you and your partner’s desires. Try tying your partners up with restraints and take turns being the dominant or submissive. Blindfolds and gags can heighten the experience of touch and heighten the arousal to levels not previously attained. For those who seek a little erotic pain there are whips and paddles, nipple clamps and cock cage and rings and so much more. The most important thing to remember is do what feels good for you and your lover!

Have fun!!!