WANTED: Your Smoking Hot Roommate

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He promised me his roommate was all a girl could ever want in a man . . .

Panty Parade / Off Go the Panties

The words that keep running through my mind this morning are, “Oh, my God . . . .Oh, my God. . . . OH, MY GOD!” Again and again this simple I-can’t-believe-I-got-fucked-like-I-did mantra seeps into my brain taking me back to last night.

Bad Boy Abercrombie—being the wickedly naughty boy that he is—set me up with his smoking hot roommate. It was my idea, actually. Bad Boy Abercrombie has a girlfriend, so when I reached out to him the other night I asked if he had any friends who might want to meet me. Gorgeous men hang out in packs, so I figured if I liked Bad Boy Abercrombie, I would also like his friends.

Boy, did I.

Smoking Hot Roommate is 6’ 1” and 235 pounds of pure muscle. But the most delightful surprise about this blonde body builder is that he’s also educated, can string multiple sentences together, and actually has some pretty damn witty things to say. In other words, he’s much more than 28-year-old eye candy. Read more . . . .