Writer Says Women Should Vote For Romney Because He's Filthy Rich

Mitt Romney
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Good luck with that.

As for the youth and fertility argument, I would argue that men who choose to be more evolved, rather than follow their base instincts, want more than bouncy hair and bouncy boobs: They want an equal partner. Basically, Williamson's theory only applies to dingbats. 

2. Elections aren't supposed to be about this sort of thing — is that too, I don't know, youthfully idealistic? We don't care which presidential candidate has more "R-MONEY" in the bank. We don't want to vote for Romney (check the polls and weep) because he will repeal Obamacare and its critical protections to women's health, erode access to contraception and threaten its legality, try to outlaw abortion, and more. So even if theoretically we all wake up tomorrow with a burning desire to bone Mitt Romney, and run off to marry to him in one huge polygamist ceremony, our hard-ons for his millions wouldn't translate into millions of votes.

Also, guys in cardigans are hot, so suck it.