Anna Post On Exciting Date Night Dos & Don'ts!


From what to wear to how to act, Anna Post has your first date etiquette covered!

Fall is in the air, which means lots of romantic dates spent enjoying the changing scenery and crisp weather. If your fall date is a first one, how can you ensure it goes well?

Enter renowned etiquette expert Anna Post. As the great-granddaughter of Emily Post and the current face of the Emily Post Institute, Anna certainly knows a thing or two about looking and feeling your best ... and how to impress your cute plus one amidst the fall foliage. 10 Online Dating Tips From The Master Of Old-School Etiquette

We caught up with Anna recently to hear all about her new partnership with Pond's to help women reveal their best selves this season. In addition to sharing her fall beauty and fashion tips, she also shared her etiquette rules that will make you shine in front of your man.

"Definitely be on time for your date, absolutely," Anna tells us. "You want to step it up a notch. Even if you're not going to anything formal, you can still make more of an effort when you're getting dressed. That doesn't mean a cocktail dress kind of a thing, but just that you're making an effort. Of course, having great skin helps with that." 

For more of Anna's tips on what to wear and how to feel feel your best on your next fall date, watch our exclusive video above!