Vibrating Knickers


Yay!!! Finally I have opened my new online adult toy store!!!

I remember way back when I first walked into to a sex shop and bought my first vibrator looking back now it was pretty prehistoric compared to today’s standards with the high tech gadgets but I was so excited to get home filled with the anticipation of the pleasures of what lay ahead and boy did I have fun over the years I have accumulated large collection ranging from the classic vibe to the pearl rabbit and love the eggs and ticklers. Now I have my own store up and running I feel only too obliged to test my products so I can give my customers a good insight of what to expect.. Obviously I can’t with the men’s toys so sorry for that guys!! I recently saw an article about some vibrating panties and thought I would give buy them in and give them a whirl; they are like a little g string that fits into your own nickers and then just position them in the most comfortable position for you. Though at first I was a bit concerned about the noise factor, because I really wanted to try them outside but I was pretty please to find out that they were practically noiseless. So off I went to go to the supermarket a task I usually dread well not this time I had the cordless remote in my bag and started off with the lightest control by the end of isle 3 I was up to the strongest and in heaven, grocery shopping had never been so much fun!!! The next time I’m going to take my boyfriend so he can have the control and take charge just to shake things up a bit (excuse the pun) So there we have it they really do work and at the moment I have reduced them by 50% so they really are affordable. Spice up your relationships or if single then do yourself a favour and give it a go I can say for sure you will not regret it. I have two types in my online store the first is a 10 Speeds Remote Control with a cordless LCD Screen control batteries are also included the other one is 7-Speed Vibrating Underwear Vibrating G-String in pretty pink Satin. Please feel free to comment or ask me any questions I would love to hear from you. Kinkytime