Strange Brew: The Craigslist Personals


I was more than a little surprised how things turned out when I responded to a few CL personal ads


If you ever find yourself completely bored AND horny AND without a date on a night when you REALLY want a date . . . . Then I sort of recommend checking out the Craigslist personals. Mind you, this is not a full fledge referral. In fact, based on my recent experience with answering a dozen advertisements on CL, I would have to say I’m only mildly lukewarm, half-heartedly encouraging you to try it.

Want to know why? Because the men there are not really looking for what they say they want. I know—confused men on the Internet?—surprise!

Here’s why I thought things might be different on CL as opposed to other places people post personal ads:

1. There are no boundaries OR banned words OR seemingly inappropriate desires. Anything goes, so all types of kinks are represented.

2. The men openly ask for what they want (i.e. SWM looking for sex with any woman under the sun) instead of trying to sound like something a woman may want.

3. There are TONS more men on CL than women, and the women who do “answer” tend to either be spam OR prostitutes OR both. (Yes, I now understand the flawed logic of seeing this as a positive—but in the moment I saw it as limited competition.)

4. If you care about penis size at all, that particular question is answered right up front.

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