5 Reasons We Think Taylor Swift Is Acting Desperate (Not Cute!)

Taylor Swift desperate
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Consider these dating don'ts when you're in a new relationship – especially with a Kennedy boy!

4. She's doing all the work. It seems as though Swift is doing everything to be with her younger boyfriend. She's buying the house and paying for the plane rides, which are all fine if she's having summer fun. However, we haven't seen Conor in action treating her the way she treats him. He may not have much time now, considering he's returning to school, and that can spell trouble for an overly eager girlfriendGetting Serious: Taylor Swift Introduces Conor Kennedy To Parents

5. She's chasing the fairy tale. Is Swift really with Conor Kennedy because of the Kennedy fairytale that has been passed down for generations? If so, perhaps this couple should slow down. Way down. "She's obsessed with the family. She says it's a fantasy come true," sources tells Us Weekly. "She's very smitten." If she wants to be a part of the Kennedy reality and not make Kennedy history, she should focus on those songs that made her famous and relax because they are both really young and the relationship is just too new.

As she herself admits in Rolling Stone, she's still a novice when it comes to love. "I know general things about love," she says. "How to treat people well, what you deserve and when to walk away. Other than that, love is a complete mystery – and that's why I like to write about it."

Tell us: do you think Taylor Swift's recent actions are making her look desperate?

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