Reality Bites: 'The Real World' Party Girl Marie Roda On Dating

Marie Roda
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The MTV star talks hooking up, partying and how being on reality TV has affected her dating life.

"If they did, it would be a deal breaker for me!" Roda laughs.

There's been a lot of hooking up right off bat within the St. Thomas house, and much more than previous seasons. "It's because of the location," explains Roda. "We're on an island and the only other people around were tourists coming and going, or foreigners travelling through."

The party girl herself has been cozying up with her castmate Robb Schreiber, who also appears in the new MTV Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, premiering September 19. The two have remained close through their on-and-off fling on The Real World, and while Roda doesn't comment on her current relationship status, she does say that her and Schreiber continue their close relationship during the new challenge in Turkey. Are Reality TV Romances Ruining Our Shot at Real Love?

"The Challenge house is so much more stressful than The Real World one," Roda explains. "You have to be weary of friendships! And, I was intimidated. It's weird, but I was almost star struck because you watch these people on TV for years, then you're there competing with them ... Not only is it Battle of the Seasons, but it's a battle within the seasons. I got along with people much better out there though, because those are more of the people that are like me—they like to party!"

So, do Roda and Schreiber continue their fling during the rest of their time on the Virgin Islands and into the new MTV Challenge? We can't say! Although, she told us to keep watching the juicy action as Max—her crush she met out one night—returns to the action in St. Thomas. We assume that Schrieber won't be too happy!

Tune in next Wednesday when YourTango sits down with Marie's roommate, Robb Schreiber!

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