Love Bytes: 12 Things You Should Never Say To A Guy

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Plus, 10 types of relationships that are doomed to fail.

Men like to solve problems, evidently. A big part of being a dude is knowing how things work and, when the situation presents itself, explaining those things. Evidently, many women would prefer a guy who doesn't insert his opinions when they're not needed. (The Gloss)

Being a bridesmaid could get you a DUI. (Huffington Post)

These 10 types of relationships are doomed to fail. (Glo)

What if your dude only was into sex when you were completely waxed? (The Stir)

"A lot of guys would be happy with average," and 12 other things you shouldn't say to a dude. (College Candy)

What makes a good man good? Holding hands? It's holding hands, right? (Madame Noire)

What if you had two buds who were cheating on each other? (TresSugar)

Why does the prostate make men go boing? (The Daily Beast)

How to use computers and phones and robots to spice up your love life. AYO. (Betty Confidential)

Can you be allergic to your boyfriend? (Gurl)

Backhanded compliments? Or is it possible to be overly sensitive? (HowAboutWe)

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