5 Things We're Wondering About Snooki & Jionni's New Baby

Snooki and Jionni mets

Now that the Jersey Shore star had her baby, we're here to ask some obvious questions.

Late Saturday night, Saint Barnabas Medical Center had it's fair share of famous visitors. Around 3 a.m., Jersey Shore "queen guidette" Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and fiance Jionni LaValle welcomed a new baby boy into the world.

"Being a mom is an amazing feeling!!!" Snooki shared on her Twitter. "I love my little man to death! Jionni is such a cute dad. I am SO IN LOVE with my son Lorenzo Dominic." Snooki Gives Birth To Baby Boy! "I Love My Little Man To Death"

Her Jersey Shore castmates shared their excitement as well. Pauly D exclusively told MTV he was "So happy for Snooks and Jionni, can't wait to meet the newest addition to our 'Shore' family, Baby Lorenzo! Uncle Pauly is ready to teach the lil' dude how to DJ!" On Twitter he added, "#MyMeatballHadAMeatball."

In the midst of the happy news, we're left wondering the obvious questions, like ...

1. Is baby Lorenzo tan? C'mon, you were wondering this too. Will Snooki be running to the tanning salon with him before he can say "GTL"? Even Pauly D wants him to get a spray tan! He recently told People, "I think it's ready for hair gel as soon as it comes out. If there is hair, throw some gel in there. Too young to tan though. Don't tan. You gotta be 18. Maybe a spray tan." That leads us to question two ...

2. Does he already have a blowout? We're curious as to how long Snooki and Jionni will let their little one go gel-free. We're thinking maybe six months.

3. Was there house music playing in the delivery room? We know Jenni "JWoww" Farley was at Snooki's side in the delivery room, but were there also some beats going on? It seems fitting.

4. Is Lorenzo fist-pumping yet? We know he'll be "battling" with Momma and JWoww soon enough on the floors of Karma.

5. What's his catchy nickname? We've got Snooki, Pauly D, JWoww and The Situation. So, what's Lorenzo's Jersey Shore nickname going to be? We're thinking Tan-Renzo, Lo-Ray, or maybe just Renzo. What do you think?

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