Love Bytes: 'Two Years Later, I Can't Stop Thinking About My Ex'

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Plus, Alabama won't let a man bury his wife according to her wishes.

The first cut is the deepest. By some cruel trick of biochemistry or pudgy Cupid's rotten arrows, first loves really stick in our craws. Even after two years, we sometimes just can't get over a breakup. (TresSugar)

Do NOT ever bite a man's genitals or jam a finger somewhere without his express (possibly written) permission and even in that case, flip a coin. More awful BDSM advice from Cosmo. (Nerve)

The BEST hotels for couples. Hmm hotel sex… (Huffington Post)

Feel really good about your guy? You're probably ovulating. (NYMag)

How to catch a cheater. (Glo)

Evidently, you can't bury your wife in your yard even if that's her dying request. Thanks for nothing, Alabama. (Huffington Post)

You can, evidently, send your husband to the slammer for bugging the crap out of you. (The Stir)

After-wedding sexy photo shoots are apparently a thing now. (The Frisky)

Dang. Texting your wife is one way to let her know you're having an affair. (The Gloss)

Can the absolutely perfect guy have terrible credit? (LearnVest)

Is ADD killing your relationship? And where are those keys? (Good Men Project)

Are you writing his last name with your first after two dates? 10 signs you may accidentally be creeping him out. (Gurl)

Do we care who porn stars endorse for POTUS? (The Daily Beast)

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