6 Ways Pastoral Counseling Can Help You


Pastoral Counselors are able to help people who are dealing with all kinds of difficulties in their daily lives. They are distinctly trained to deal with specific issues of spirituality (faith) and religion (theology), as well as psychology, thereby, providing a doubly qualified person. If you have been struggling with issues in your life and contemplating whether or not to see a Christian counselor, here are 6 reasons how New Life Pastoral Counseling can help you.

1. Dealing with Life’s Issues
A typical client calls New Life for an appointment, because he/she is making an attempt to deal with a specific issue they are facing. They wish to make heads-or-tails of a marital problem, depression, anxiety, family issues or even concerns of identity. New Life Pastoral Counseling, deals with all aspects of Life Stages (premarital counseling, divorce, marriage issues and enrichment, etc.), and Life Transitions (depression, loss and grief, identity crisis, etc.).

2. An Understanding Ear
Although counselors are expected to provide advice and guide clients, a large reason why you seek a counselor is to be heard. You need someone to listen to what is going on with you; someone to listen without judgment. This is a very valuable and therapeutic part of counseling process and should not be undervalued. If you would appreciate having a caring individual who is willing to listen to what you have to say and how you feel, you will benefit from seeing a counselor at New Life Pastoral Counseling.

3. Social Skills
With much of our world become more virtual in application, many of the issues we deal with involve one’s interactions with others; your communication and/or relationship skills. Learning how to deal with the various personalities of our environment can assist in avoiding many problems in the future. New Life Pastoral Counseling can help. Learn how to communicate the correct way for each situation.

4. Having a God Focus
Here at New Life Pastoral Counseling, we deal with more than just your mind, but the divine person you were created to be. Pastoral counselors turn to Scripture when assisting a client, not just psychology. They understand that we are created by God and must include a relationship with the Creator in order for our lives to truly be on track. Therefore, prayer is also an important part of the process. This is not a time to become “preachy” but to have a better understanding of what God has promised for your life.
If you are not a Christian, you would follow the directives of your faith.

5. Self Evaluation
When we are dealing with specific issues in our lives, we have a tendency to look around for others to point a finger at. We want to blame others and leave ourselves blameless. Many times this is due to a misguided education growing up. Once you learn to change your self-dialogs through self evaluation, a whole new world can be opened up. At New Life Pastoral Counseling, we know that self talk is important. That having the Word in your heart is a great step in the right direction.

6. Mentor
In some ways a Pastoral Counselor can also serve as a mentor that you can trust and turn to in times of question. A Christian, Life Coach. Here at New Life Pastoral Counseling, we want you empowered, encouraged and thriving.