Ow, Ow! Bad Boy Prince Harry Parties Naked In Vegas

Prince Harry naked
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The third in line to the throne showed off his crown jewels this weekend!

While his older brother William is off saving people's lives, (probably) planning for a family and prepping himself for his impending tenure as King of England, Prince Harry is still partying hard and living it up.

Prince Harry, 27, spent this last weekend in Las Vegas, and fellow partiers and tourists were at-the-ready to document Harry's visit to Sin City. First, there was his swimming pool race with Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, documented on video. 

And now, it appears there is photographic evidence of the after-pool party that went down in Harry's hotel suite. From what the photos reveal, it was quite a night for the young prince. According to TMZ, the prince and a group of his buddies ventured down to the hotel's bar, where they met a few ladies and invited them back to his VIP suite. Likely bored with the prospects of a regular game of pool on the suite's pool table, the prince and his guests opted to play strip billiards instead. The result of the game is revealed in the photos, showing Prince Harry... ass naked. Guess he lost!

The first photo is of Harry standing tall and completely naked (although covering his naughty bits with his hands), with a young woman embracing him from behind, who appears to only be wearing a thong. The second photo shows Harry hugging (the same?) girl from behind, both still naked. It seems one of Harry's fellow partiers sneaked in a few pictures when the prince wasn't looking. Oops! Classy Prince Harry Hits On Women The Right Way

We're wondering how the Queen feels about this incident being splashed all over the tabloids now that Harry is safely back in England. So far, Buckingham Palace has confirmed the photos are of the Prince and that he "is taking some private time in the U.S." But, a rep for the Royal Family has told TMZ: "We have no comment to make on the photos at this time."

Way to go Mr. Prince! 

Tell us: do you think these photos are hilarious (and kind of endearing) or completely inappropriate?

Photo Credit: Getty